Friday, September 15, 2023

Leave It

 Leave It

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34 (NIV)


“Leave it,” commanded my husband, but our seven-month-old German shepherd pulled against the leash not wanting to relinquish the goodie he had found on the floor.

Then my husband did as the trainer in the class instructed. He gently tugged on the leash and took a step. When Kaiser followed my hubby, he received a hefty dose of praise and a yummy treat.

Training a dog to “leave it” is a bit like God training us to keep our minds out of the future. We so often borrow worry and stress from what might be and don’t give the events of today enough attention.

Leaving the future in the hands of God calls for faith, trust, and discipline. We must train ourselves to leave situations and their potential outcomes alone until God directs us to move. And that’s hard to do!

Often a dog owner will use this command to keep the dog from eating something harmful or to keep him out of a stinky mess.  Again, the Father too directs us to focus on the good of today to keep us from feeding our souls on the maybes and worries of tomorrow. Too many times, I’ve found myself in a stinky mess because I didn’t leave it and let God work in his timing.


Dear Father,

Forgive us when we find it hard to leave the future to you. May you strengthen our resolve to trust you wholeheartedly in all situations. Give us this day what is needed.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

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